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“Look at those cows and remember that the greatest scientists in the world have never discovered how to make grass into milk.”

Michael Pupin

Jesus Meets Einstein

by Mark Karapetyan

One cold, damp, autumn evening, Einstein was sitting in a park alone, smoking his pipe, thinking deeply about his unified field theory. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jesus appeared and greeted him: “Shalom, friend, how do you do?”

Startled, Einstein screamed: “OH MY… you scared me to death!!!   Who are you? How did you know to greet me in Hebrew? Where did you come from? I didn’t see anyone walk towards me!”

Jesus chuckled for a few seconds and then politely explained: “My sincere apologies Albert, I didn’t mean to shake you up. I am Jesus. I came here to speak to you.”

“Jesus? Jesus who? How do you know my name? ” Einstein inquired.

“Albert, it’s me, Yeshu, the messiah; I am Jesus of Nazareth” Jesus explained.

Einstein stared at Jesus without saying a word, examined and observed the nail marks in Jesus’ hands, reached down to his left pocket, grabbed some tobacco, filled his pipe, lit it up, examined Jesus a little more, and with a timid voice asked:

“I honestly don’t know what to say; I have had a million questions on my mind and you just added another billion with your rapid and unforeseen appearance. I am now more confused than ever before.”

Jesus placed His hand on Einstein’s shoulder and comforted him: “I understand, Albert.  In fact, the look on your face reminds Me of many friends I know who had similar looks on their faces some two thousand years ago, in Jerusalem, when after My resurrection, I appeared in the same manner to My disciples and followers, while they were all gathered in a small upper room. They too were unable to grasp the reality they were experiencing at that time. Most of them disbelieved Me…much like yourself.”

Einstein puffed a couple of smokes, looked intently at the trees, and then questioned Jesus: “I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but let’s assume that you are Jesus. You need to understand that I am a man of science- I follow the scientific method to verify claims. I don’t believe in magic or fairy tales. I do not believe that dead people can rise from their graves. Most importantly, I do not believe that you just appeared out of nowhere because, unless you’re a ghost, that’s scientifically impossible.  From the scientific principle of uniformity, we know that the same natural laws and processes that now operate in the universe have always operated in the universe in the past, and apply everywhere in the universe. Things don’t just come into existence for no reason and without a cause. Therefore, you couldn’t have miraculously appeared in front of me just like that because it’s never been observed.”

“Is that so Albert? You, as a man of science, believe that things need a cause for their existence?” Jesus reasoned. “Why, then, do you and your fellow atheistic and skeptical scientists believe and teach that the universe, humans, animals, and plants just came into existence for no reason and without a cause?”

Puzzled, Einstein quickly changed the subject: “As a Jew, I cannot accept you as the long awaited messiah. You have not fulfilled the clear requirements of the Jewish savior we have been waiting for.

Jesus took a step closer and asked: “Which of the prophecies in the Talmud, your own book about the coming messiah, have I not fulfilled? Allow me to remind you of some of these prophecies that I completely fulfilled. I AM a Hebrew man (Isaiah 9:6), I was born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14), a prophet like Moses (Deuteronomy 18:18), appeared before the destruction of the second temple (Daniel 9:24-27), proceeded by a messenger (Malachi 3:1), betrayed by a friend (Psalms 41:9), accused by false witnesses (Psalms 35:11), silent before His accusers (Isaiah 53:7), beaten by his enem…”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Einstein interrupted, “are you telling me that you are the suffering servant mentioned in Isaiah 53?”

“Yes, I AM, Albert.” Jesus assured.

“Haaa-haaa…you are out of your mind! The suffering messiah in Isaiah 53 is not a man or a person, it’s the nation of Israel” Einstein mocked.

Jesus smiled, and calmly explained: “Albert, how can the suffering messiah mentioned in Isaiah 53 be the nation of Israel when the prophecy of Isaiah clearly predicts that the suffering servant will die on behalf of Israel? You are a smart man with lots of common sense, so tell me: how can Israel die for the sins of Israel? According to Isaiah 8: 11, the suffering servant is sinless. Was Israel sinless? If so, why did God seek to save the Israelites? Why would a sinless nation need to be saved? Israel was either sinless or he wasn’t, you can’t have it both ways.”

Einstein paused for a while, looked at the sky, puffed a few more smokes, looked at Jesus, and asked: “Tell me… how are you not a contradiction when you claim to be three, yet to be one at the same time? I’m talking about the concept of the trinity that you hold so dearly. That’s a logical impossibility!”

“Is it Albert?” Jesus marveled. “Do you also call light a contradiction because it is both a particle and a wave? What about water? Is it also a contradiction when it occurs in three different states, yet is the same water itself?”

Einstein became a little agitated, put his pipe down and snapped: “Listen, you can claim that you are God and the savior of humanity all you want, all day long, but quite frankly, I find it hard to believe that unless someone believes in you they will perish. That to me is a very narrow road.”

Jesus stared at Einstein and gently challenged: “If it is the truth, then it is absolute; if it is absolute, then it is exclusive. If it is exclusive, then it is the only way; if it is the only way, then it has to be narrow for the same reason that the laws of logic, the laws of nature, and the laws of physics are absolute. You do believe that the law of gravity applies to everyone equally, whether or not people find it a narrow law?

Without saying a word, Einstein quickly put his hand in his left pocket again, and grabbed more tobacco and filled his pipe.  Moments later, he turned to Jesus and demanded: “So, what do you do with someone like Tarzan?”

“I’m sorry, say that again… what do you mean Tarzan?” Jesus marveled.

Einstein blew a big smoke out of his pipe and clarified: “Well, you know, Tarzan, the poor little boy who grew up in a jungle with animals and no human companionship. You did nothing to help his parents when their plane crashed.  How is Tarzan going to Hell when he never had a chance to know you? Moreover, Tarzan lived his entire life without humans, which means there was no one for him to sin against. If there was no one around for him to sin against, we can both agree that he was sinless. If he was sinless, then he doesn’t deserve to go to Hell, even though he never knew you, am I correct Mr. Savior?”

Jesus chuckled and responded: “So now all of a sudden you are no longer a man of science, but a man of imaginary stories and myths?  However, I will indulge you. Let’s assume that the analogy you just gave me is true. The problem is that you fail to recognize that man is sinful not because he transgresses against other people only, but because he transgresses against God Himself. Also, remember that Tarzan was born to a woman from the seed of a man, both sinner parents, which makes him a sinner in need of a savior. Think of it this way, Albert: a drop of poison in a well-one single drop of poison will contaminate all the water in the well. Abraham and Moses, and the other characters of the Old Testament that you are familiar with, for example, never knew me; it would be unfair for me to condemn them to Hell.  Although Abraham, Moses, and the others had no knowledge of Me, they all knew Yahweh, the God of the Old Testament, thus they knew the pre-incarnate Jesus; so in a sense, they knew me. Your ancestors once wanted to stone Me when I said to them ‘before Abraham was, I AM’. They knew exactly what I meant and understood that I was equating Myself to the God of the Old Testament, so they wanted to kill me for blaspheming. Don’t worry Albert; I will never judge anyone on a standard they were not aware of. I would judge Tarzan on the basis of information that he had about Me.  All human beings know that there is a God, either in their consciences, the moral law, or the world around them (creation). The problem is that people reject God and suppress their knowledge of Him, even though they know better; therefore, they are with no excuse. I will judge Tarzan the way I see fit; leave it up to me, do not fret. ‘Shall not the judge of all earth do that which is right?’”

Einstein rudely dared: “I’ve had it with you. If you are the messiah, then prove it to me right now; perform a miracle and then perhaps I’ll reconsider your claim.”

Jesus took a deep breath and scolded: “You have the entire universe and creation around you, and yet you demand evidence? If your heart is hardened, no amount of evidence will remove the veil from your eyes and make you see the truth to believe Albert. Your ancestors witnessed My miracles for three years, yet because of their wickedness and blindness, they rejected Me and then crucified Me.”

“Why don’t you show me? Perform a miracle now, and then, I will believe. Go ahead, do it!” Einstein challenged.

Jesus shook His head and interjected: “I did… you missed it because you are blind.”

“When did you perform a miracle? I didn’t see any miracles.” Eisenstein retorted in anger.

Jesus commanded Einstein: “Albert, stop tempting the Lord your God. Satan tried it before and failed miserably.  I AM He, the creator of the universe, the God of the Old Testament.” Jesus added.

“Haaa-haaa. You are He that created the universe? Who created you, then?” Einstein ridiculed.

“NO ONE!” Jesus fired back.

“No one? I am not one of your blind followers, Jesus. How can you make such an absurd claim to a scientist of my caliber? If you created the universe, who, then, created you?” Einstein insisted.

Jesus moved away from the intense smoke coming out of Einstein’s pipe and answered: “According to your own mathematical equations and scientific findings, the cause of the universe must be timeless, or outside of time, because time came into existence at a singularity. This means the cause has no past, present, or future. If the cause has no past, present, or future, that means the cause is eternal. If the cause is eternal, then the cause of the universe itself needs no cause because it does not have a beginning. Isn’t that what you teach about your precious law of causality, Albert? Things with a beginning must have a cause. Besides, if you believe that the creator Himself needs a cause, why can’t the universe need a cause also?”

“So what makes you the only creator God, what if there are many Gods like you?” Einstein shouted.

“That’s logically impossible, Albert,” Jesus assured.

“Why? Why is it impossible?” Einstein howled.

Jesus pointed his finger towards Einstein and lectured: “It’s impossible because if there is more than one God, then there has to be a difference between the gods; otherwise, how would you differentiate them from each other and recognize that there is more than one god? If there is a difference between the gods, then one of the gods lacks something or has something the other gods do not have. If one of the gods lacks or has something the other gods don’t have, that means one of them is more or less powerful than the others. If one of them is more or less powerful, that means the lesser god cannot be God because the higher God is more powerful and infinite. Logically, you can only have one God, Albert.”

Einstein froze, looked down at the leaves on the ground without moving or saying a single word, and appeared as if he were a sculpture from the times of the Roman Empire, while smoke kept rising from his pipe. In anger, he emptied the tobacco out of his pipe, put it away in his left pocket, and in a timid vice murmured: “you still can’t show me a miracle and you want me to believe in you.”

Einstein’s comment was met by a deafening silence. No response was heard back from Jesus, as though Jesus wasn’t even there.

When Einstein finally looked up, Jesus had vanished like a mist in the sky that had just evaporated. Einstein could still feel the presence of Jesus but could not physically see Him. Suddenly, Einstein glanced over his shoulder and noticed an envelope addressed to him with a note in it next to him on the bench seat.

He opened the envelope, and read the note out loud:

“Dear Albert,

Science books don’t turn

sinners into righteous men, I do!

Sincerely yours,

Jesus, the resurrected Messiah.”


P.S. Check your left pocket…


Einstein quickly put his hand in his left pocket and pulled out an old eroded, rusted, iron nail!



“The more unintelligent a man is, the less mysterious existence seems to him.”

Arthur Schopenhauer



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