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“I do not think the devil cares how many churches you build, if only you have lukewarm preachers and people in them.”

                                                                                                          Charles Spurgeon

Satan’s Wish

by Mark Karapetyan

A young devil in training named Loki asked Satan once: “Master, you look consumed and dejected, is everything alright?”

“Ahhh, young Loki” Satan replied: “My heart jumps with joy to finally see you mature. You have become one of my most devious and cunning pupils and I am very proud of you.”

“Thank you very much master.” Loki replied. “I have learned from the best. Can you tell me what seems to irritate you sir ?” Loki asked.

Exasperated, Satan expressesd : “For many years, I have been diligently working extremely hard to wreak havoc on earth and destroy humans by whispering lies in their ears and spreading deception in their lives.

My heart aches to see some people still cling to ‘god’ and resist Me. I haven’t been able to accomplish much and not all of My wishes have been fulfilled. I AM running short on time and it worries Me tremendously.”

Loki looked at Satan and gently consoled: “Do not fret master, for you are the wisest of the wise and the craftiest of us all. Nothing is impossible for you. Just look at the world today and enjoy your great accomplishments. You have succeeded on every level. Men hate God and love you; they deny God and acknowledge you. Isn’t this what you exactly wanted?” 

Satan jumped to his feet and shouted : “IT IS, YOUNG LOKI, IT IS! but I want more… I want what I have always dreamed of from the beginning; to be just like GOD! Only then, all of my other wishes will come true.”

“What wishes do you speak of master?” Loki probed.

“These are the wishes so dear to my heart young Loki”, Satan explained:

“I wish I could see the entire world engulfed in total chaos, people full of hatred toward each other, a world full of pain and suffering, and ‘god’ is the one to be blamed for everything.

I wish I could see all churches across the world slowly turn into museums, libraries and dance clubs.

I wish I could see less and less people attend churches, and more and more people avoid and flee from them.

I wish I could see people willingly expel ‘god’ from schools, universities, and all political quarters.

I wish the majority of people would deny and alter ‘god’s’ truth with man’s relative truth that’s actually ‘My Lie’, which they think is the absolute truth!

I wish to see only two kinds of deceived people in this world: Those who don’t believe that I exist, and those who believe in Me very much.

I wish humans would fight wars and battles over money and profit, yet keep silent over sacred human life and world poverty.

I wish to see most nations and societies around the world morally and financially reduced to bankruptcy.

I wish people would lose their health to make money, and then lose their money to keep their health.

I wish to see believers lose members by the masses because they have no one to teach them the truth about their Christian faith.

I wish to see many ‘Mega Churches’ run by leaders employed by Me, who preach and teach mega lies!

I wish to see most families fatherless, and most homes “godless.”

I wish to see the most powerful nation on earth, divided and weak, depleted and weary, run by sleazy, bribable, disgusting, crooked, rotten, tainted, dishonest, unethical, faithless, immoral, nefarious, depraved, evil, impious, two-faced, double-dealing, shady, fraudulent, self-serving, self-loving, narcissist, perverse, putrid, wicked, sordid, venal, spineless, knavish and criminal ‘leaders.’

I wish to see drugs and abortion legalized, but this Jesus man, prohibited and demonized.

I wish to see Christians disunited and split, divided and disconnected over their doctrines and denominations.

I wish to see the world’s youth prideful, arrogant, uncaring, ignorant, malevolent, disrespectful to their parents and cruel to animals.

I wish to see sex and porn invade every home and every classroom, and the minds of every man and every husband.

I wish to see homes broken, families divided, and relationships based on sexual, lustful ungodly foundations.

I dearly wish to see classes of societies, lazy, inept and impotent as well as heavily dependent on their governments, unwilling to work hard, afraid to struggle and fight to succeed.

I wish to see a world full of fragile, gutless, cowards who are afraid to express their opinions or beliefs in fear of offending others.

I wish to see men timid and demasculinized, husbands unfaithful, wives obsessed with their beauty and looks, and children confused about their gender and entitled to everything in life.

I wish to see everyone in the world….”

“I’m sorry, forgive me master, but I’m a little confused” Loki interrupted. “All of these mouth watering wishes you speak of ; do they not accurately describe the world today?”

With a great smile Satan responded : “YES, YES My intelligent young Loki you have guessed right. But human beings are apathetic and clueless, haughty and mulish. They are too busy chasing their own hollow wishes and worldly dreams, which I will make sure that they always remain wishes and dreams. As long as they do that, I can safely pursue My ‘Holy Journey’. If I have achieved all of this by my self in a few years years, imagine what I will accomplish with the help of deceived foolish humans in the next one hundred?”




“Jesus once said that Satan was a thief. Satan does not steal money, for he knows that money has no eternal value. He steals only what has eternal value – primarily the souls of men.”


                                                                                                                    Zac Poonen


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