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​“Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.”

 Arnold Toynbee 

The Devil’s Letter to America


by Mark Karapetyan


Pitiable people of America, 

 Ever since the foundation of your republic, my goal has always been to destroy her Christian foundation, shred her constitution, divide her citizens against each other, and turn her into a smaller version of Hell. 

Some years ago, these tasks seemed impossible to achieve, considering the strong unity, the godly morals, and the patriotism Americans displayed regularly. It was not too long ago that America was a beacon of hope for the hopeless, a bright light for the lost, a last refuge for the persecuted, and a safe home for the fearful. America was the one nation I loathed the most! 

On many occasions, I tried to bring your entire system down, but I failed repeatedly because your biblical foundations were unshakable. So, I went looking for other countries to devour instead, and in the process, I had the pleasure of bringing down many governments; I destroyed numerous nations; I weakened many powers; I toppled various regimes; I ignited countless wars all over the globe. Everywhere I went, I wreaked havoc. Everything I touched, I ruined. 

With all these glorious accomplishments, the one thing I desired the most that I had not yet achieved was the total annihilation of America. Realizing that such an arduous task required patience and great planning, I knew I had to change tactics and attack your nation in a different way – I decided to bring destruction upon America from within, by turning you, the American citizens, against her. 

I took control of your educational system and put it in the hands of radical, liberal, and communist Ivy League educators who slowly and gradually brainwashed your children into hating America and everything that she stands for. 

I did all this, yet you stood by and did nothing… 

I hand-picked ungodly, corrupt, unethical, crooked politicians from both parties to represent you. They sold their souls to me and sold your country to the highest bidders – billionaire puppet masters, both foreign and domestic – and became unbelievably wealthy in the process. I carefully selected impious, leftist governors and mayors to run your states and cities into the ground. I manipulated your judges, intimidated your justices, and influenced your elections. 

I did all this, yet you stood by and did nothing… 

I took control of your banking system and pushed your criminal elected officials to drive your mighty economy into bankruptcy. I made you chase the “American Dream” and convinced you that owning a house, driving a nice car, and working a good job is what this dream is all about. But you never realized that to dream it, you first had to be asleep! 

I did all this, yet you stood by and did nothing… 

I used your gender to divide you and the color of your skin to turn you against each other. I made the wealthy among you greedier and the poor angrier. I filled your streets and homes with drugs, and the minds of your youth with lust and sensuality. I split and emptied your churches, divided you into denominations, introduced you to watered-down biblical messages, and attacked your God and His Son. Yet you stood by and did nothing… 

I regulated your media, manipulated the content, guided the fake news coverage, and made them attack you viciously for standing up for your God and for your country. I de-masculinized your men, empowered your radical, feminist women, and bullied the faithful. I assaulted your freedoms, legalized the murder of the innocent unborn and the use of dangerous drugs – all in the name of tolerance – yet you stood by and did nothing… 

I helped you raise a young generation of godless, brainless, violent anarchists who want change, but are unaware why they want it or what to change to. I used them to attack the very fabric of your nation. They toppled your monuments that spoke of your history, burned your businesses that were owned by the locals, looted the stores that provided for you, and murdered the innocent and the helpless, while you stood by and did nothing… 

I made you attack your own unique system of rules, reject your own precious Bill of Rights, and slowly chip away at your own sacred Constitution. You did all this, while I stood by and laughed… 

I convinced you to kick your God out of your lives, but you kicked Him out of every house, every classroom, every courthouse, every quarter, and every street. Well done, imbeciles! Now, live in the Hell you created! 

I wish I could write more, but I must go and plan for your next presidential election. The senile, delirious candidate needs my help…


Your loving Father,


November 2, 2020

“I can prophecy that your grandchildren in America will live under socialism. Our firm conviction is that sooner or later Capitalism will give way to Socialism. Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you.”




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