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“Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.”

Edward Abbey


The Lost Truth


by Mark Karapetyan


Truth was once asked: “Friend, where are you? Why is it that we can no longer find you?”

With a muffled voice, Truth retorted: “You can’t find me because I have been replaced and repudiated.

I once was the adage of acclaimed schools and prestigious universities. Today, I’m the doormat students step on to walk into these universities.

The preponderance once proclaimed me and the few feared me. Today, the preponderance fears the few, and the few define me.

People once were set free because they knew me. Today, their freedom is taken away because they know me.

There was a time when men searched for me to find me. Today, they lose me the moment they find me.

I once was treasured and gold was my value. Today, gold is treasured and I’m left with no value.

The wise once pursued me, and the fool rejected me. Today, the wise pursues the fool, and both claim to know me.

When disaster struck, for refuge and comfort, people once sought me. Today, although they have disdained me, they seek me to blame me.

I once was the point of reference by which people measured. Today, people are the measure by which I am referenced.

I was the answer when people had a question. Today, people are the answer and I’m the one in question.

You can’t find me? You can’t find me because I’m not here…and I’m not here because I have been crucified!”

    “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry  off  as if nothing ever happened.”                                                                                                                                     

Winston Churchill




  1. Vickie

    Really like this !! Amen to the Truth & How Blind People Are. People think they are Free, But Only the Truth of God’s Word can set anyone Free !!

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